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Ever since I can remember, I was always interested in moving pictures. I wanted to capture these very special moments in life, and make them last forever. I am lucky to figure out a way to be able to make these special moments last forever for everybody. I am slowly climbing up the career ladder and working on a variety of exciting projects spanning across many genres and formats. To learn more about what I can do, get in touch with me and we can discuss.

Photo Story

As simple as it sounds, I have always loved to take pictures and videos. Now I am pursuing my dreams of being able to capture moments and turn them into fancy videos or stunning pictures for others (seen lower on the page). I specialize in creating promo videos, music videos, and social media clips. For the picture aspect of my work I specialize in portrait photography, fashion, sports, ARIAL, and whatever else you need. I can do many things with social media, as I am very tech-savvy. Going along with that, I know how to build websites. Keep on scrolling to find out more about what I can do.

Website Building

Does your business have social medias but no website to tie it all together? Thats what Enticing Visuals LLC here for. I am able to put together websites from common user friendly Website Builder sites. Maybe you do have a website already and just need someone to update it for you or add new products that you are selling. I can offer, building your website for you, updating it regularly, or simply consult you on how to do certain things for your site.


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Photo & Video Services

Drone Capturing

I use the Mavic Mini drone to capture all of my aerial footage. This varies from cinematic videos and pictures to slo motion/high speed film. Many different maneuvers are used to get the right point of view or angles. This footage gets edited precisely to ensure great quality video and photos to your liking.


 I offer full marketing and video production for local businesses here in Rhode Island. This includes small, commercial like, videos edited together in sequence to create a stunning view of what you or your business has to offer. I create these videos with high quality footage taken with a wide angle lens and a variety of many others. Mainly photoshop is used to edit everything, along with other apps to help get the best looking footage. I also will take real estate photos if your are trying to sell or rent out your property. 

Personal Shoots

If you want to have astonishing pictures taken of you or a gathering that you may have, you are in the right place. I love to capture the pure beauty of people so that they can keep it forever. I also will take photos of things that people love. For instance, cars, pets, flowers, homes and landscape, and anything else you want to have a memory of forever. 

Sports Shooting 

Do you participate in a sport and would like to have action shots taken for you? Or do you want a video made, showing off your skills? If so you are in the right place. I can bring your in game swag to life, with stunning pictures and videos of your pure talent to show everybody else.

Vehicle Shoots

Have a classic car, super car, good ole American muscle, or just something that's sentimental to you that you want to last forever? I can capture your vehicles pure beauty and make its amazing features really pop out. For all you social media users, I also make 1-3 minute videos to give everybody a taste of how badass your ride is. 


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Enticing Views

Social Media

Are you finding it too much work and too little time for you to be able to be constantly updating your social media pages for your business? I am very knowledgable in the algorithms of social media, any platform. With that being said I work very hard to help your followings grow and bring more business to your company. By, updating your socials with media, daily, weekly, and monthly, this is to keep your followers in the loop of what your business is putting out. To inquire more information click the button below.

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